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Not being partial to Capital Radio’s version, I gave it a go. For what its worth, What Makes You Beautiful. 

They still do stunts, don’t know what for,

The fans are bored, they’re all crying out no mo-o-ore

Don’t need tabloids to cover up,

The real 1D is more than eno-ou-ough

Everyone else in the room can see it

Everyone else but HQ

Harry is great as he is, he’s a natural

Louis is loved for his voice, he wrote no control

Liam is doing his best spinning the fake shit show

And Niall oh oh no

We think you’re all beautiful, oh oh

We know what makes you beautiful.

If only everyone else saw what we can see,

They’d understand why we want change so desperately,

Right now we’re looking at them and we can’t believe

That some don’t know oh oh

The real 1D is so much more oh oh

Than they’ve been allowed to show.

So c-c-cmon, HQ is wrong,

We love these boys and their gender neutral so-o-ongs

We don’t know why they told these lies,

Real lies real eyes reali-i-ise.

Everyone else in the room can see it

Love always wins, raise your flags.

They’ll get the break they deserve, they’ll come back as themselves,

And watch, the rest of the world will be overwhelmed.

They are much more than they seem, it’s not hard to tell,

If you don’t know oh oh

You will see they’re beautiful oh oh,

You’ll see what makes them beautiful.

Bananana na na na na na na na X2

Baby, they’ll light up the stage like no one has before

When they get free of the chains that they have had to hold,

When they can tell us the story that should be told

The world will go oh oh

Down the rabbit hole with us oh oh

Falling under 1D’s spell oh oh

Welcome to our 1D hell oh oh

And that day will be beautiful.

One Direction Live At The O2: 9 Reasons Why You Need To See Them Live


If you recall, just last week we were lucky enough to welcome One Direction back to the UK as they performed an intimate first London gig at the Apple Music Festival, supported by Little Mix.

Thanks to Apple, we were able to be right there in the middle of the excitement, and learned plenty about our fave four boys along the way


Originally posted by ninicutiepie

Well, last night, thanks to those absolutely brilliant folk over at BT, we were able to be there for the band’s last London date of their On The Road Again tour, and it was predictably amazing.

But us saying it’s amazing isn’t exactly enough, is it? Which is why we thought that we’d provide you with nine very valid reasons why you need to see One Direction live - enjoy!

1. They Appreciate The Fans

First and foremost, the boys couldn’t be more appreciative of their success and they know that they owe their millions of fans across the globe pretty much everything.

Even admitting part-way through the show that the audience is going to get “bored of hearing us thank you by the end of it”, we literally lost count of the amount of times that each member came forward to express their gratitude to their cheering fans.

In fact, Harry Styles even appeared to be getting a little bit emotional as he said goodbye during the encore - don’t worry, babes, we were emotional too.

2. They’re All Fighters

Naming no names, there are some acts who get a paper cut and don’t hesitate to call off shows, and when you’re in a band it’s probably even more tempting to pull a sickie because the others can cover for you.


Originally posted by theonewhoprotested

However, nothing will stop Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall from getting up on that stage and giving their fans’ the night that they deserve.

For example, Louis Tomlinson tweeted just a couple of days ago how he was struggling with a sore throat, and his voice noticeably croaked as he was speaking out last night, but did he complain about it? Of course not - he showed up, did his job, and he bloomin’ enjoyed it.

In a similar vein, Niall Horan’s poor leg is back in a foot brace due to ongoing issues with his dodgy knee, and he still bounced around with the rest of ‘em.


[Copyright: Splash]

Oh, and this is after last week where he had to dash off stage because he was feeling sick but returned just moments later to continue, as the old saying goes: The Show Must Go On.

3. They’re The Perfect Mix

Each of the four boys have a totally different performing style, and they all blend seamlessly together to create one perfectly imperfect show.

Harry is always bouncing around the stage with more energy than fifteen schoolkids high on sugar, in fact, we could hardly get a non-blurred pic of him because he was dashing about so much.


Originally posted by tomlinsaint

Louis has a bit of a more laid-back stance to it all, rushing up and down with the rest of ‘em but ultimately giving off a pretty chill and relaxed vibe.

Liam Payne is the totally professional daddy of the group, keeping the other three in check and making sure that his vocals are on-point at any given moment.


Originally posted by myniallerproblems

And Niall has his guitar out for much of the show - proving that he is seriously talented in every sense of the word, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, haterz.

One thing that all four boys unite on is crowd interaction, with none of them letting a second go by where they aren’t making at least one lucky audience member feel incredibly special.


Originally posted by horanbum

4. The Setlist

One Direction were on stage for a whopping two hours, which is certainly nothing to complain about. With a mixture of smash hit singles to much loved album tracks across all five (yes, five) of their albums, there is definitely something for everyone - even if you’re not a hardcore fan.

A lot of shows, you leave and kind of feel like you could have done with a bit more from the act - there is no risk of that with 1D… Apart from pure greed, because to be honest, we can always do with a bit more of them.

5. They Have No Need For Gimmicks

A lot of shows have cray-cray stages with all sorts of gimmicks lined up, which really isn’t a bad thing, but One Direction have stripped it back and it’s just the four guys, a catwalk, and a stage.

That’s it.


Originally posted by quietasides

Aside from a jazzy jail made out of strobe lightning for Stockholm Syndrome, each of the songs are belted out without so much as a backing dancer.

And that, ladies and gents, is pure talent.

6. It’s A Safe Space

We are always bleating on about how fab those Rainbow Direction guys are, the group of fans dedicated to making the fandom a safe space for everybody, especially the LGBT+ community who have faced hostility in the past, and this extends to the live shows.


With many fans opting to take along their rainbow flags, Harry once again showcased his support for the cause by nabbing one from somebody in the crowd and waving it around, proving that he accepts absolutely everybody.

What. A. Babe.

7. They Have Fun

The boys are totally aware that if you wanted to just listen to them stand in a line and sing pitch-perfect renditions of their song then you could just stare at a poster and put on their albums, which is why One Direction are so hellbent on putting on a show and having fun to entertain their fans.

From Harry locating a group of men in the crowd and proceeding to auction them off one by one, or Liam and Louis bickering like schoolchildren - these are four guys who know how to give the fans exactly what they want.

8. They’re Human

…. And as a result of having so much fun, sometimes the boys do actually make a mistake or two - BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES THE SHOW ALL THE MORE ENTERTAINING, IT PROVES THAT THEY ARE REAL, HUMAN PEOPLE.

Our fave example of this last night was Louis accidentally re-singing the first verse of Steal My Girl instead of the second, mostly for the bemused looks that crept across his bandmates’ faces.

9. Social Media Fun

Okay, soz guys, but we’re going to get a bit lame for a second - THE OTRA TOUR HAD ITS OWN SNAPCHAT GEOFILTER AND WE COULDN’T HAVE HAD MORE FUN WITH IT.


With a choice of two snazzy designs to add to your Snaps, 1D basically ensured that you’d be sharing the excitement of the night all over your social media.

And if you saw our Twitter account last night, you’ll know that this wasn’t just exclusive to Snapchat…. Erm, sorry about that…


So there we are, nine very valid reasons why you should see One Direction live in concert, and would you believe it? The fact that they are GORGEOUS HUNKS WITH HEARTS OF GOLD wasn’t even one of them.

Thanks again, BT, for such a ruddy brilliant night <3.