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Keystone restaurant group

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Posts tagged answered

Anonymous asked:

Tbh I'm not gonna believe babygate until I see a picture of Louis holding an infant and the results of the paternity test

Same. I’m not at all inclined to believe things that don’t add up, especially when it comes to pregnancy. If the dates don’t make sense, the potential for more than one partner is out there, and the family is shouting from the roof tops while Louis isn’t… I’m not believe anything until the small caramel haired one sings about it. (and has proof)

Anonymous asked:

Harry was invited to perform with Ariana without the boys, but that no one comments. Everything related to Louis you turn into something bigger than it really is. And the highlight was Harry, who could not attend and asked for Chris martin sing his music. Chris Martin even called it the most beautiful man in the world. Laughing louis stans. Harry spent an entire evening chatting with Stephen Hawking and saw no one commenting.

Yeah, I find that interesting. I’m not interested in comparing fans,though.

I did see some people mentioning how Chris Martin called him the most beautiful man in the world, which was lovely of him. But no one (that I saw) really brought up the fact that he  mentioned he originally had asked Harry to come but he was unavailable (because of todays concert). Imagine if he had gotten to actually sing with him?

How cool is it that he has so many friends that are that famous? People he Idolized as a kid?

I also never saw a lot of talk about the Hawking thing, which is so cool. My thought has always been what did they talk about? Casual discussion of careers? What do you ask Stephen Hawking? How lucky are you when you get to meet him at a comedian’s house. Was it ever confirmed whose house?

Anonymous asked:

It's cool that GlobalGoals tweeted @ Louis but everyone's making it such a big deal ... when I'm pretty sure they tweeted all the boys (I definitely saw Liam and Zayn in my scrolling) as well as a LOT of other influencers/celebrities/big deals. So yes very cool but no not unique. I wonder if any of them will share it?

I think that most of the posts were made before they asked the other boys. They asked Louis first and waited a bit in between. It’s nice that they asked them to be involved. Maybe they knew about it ahead of time. If they do that’d be cool.

Anonymous asked:

Who is Neelam Gill?? : / how is she relevant?

Oops, I’m sorry i thought this posted and it didn’t. Neelam Gill is a Burberry model who was heavily rumored to be dating Zayn. She even did an interview where she talked about him. I know a lot of my zayn fan friends were hoping they’d be together.

starlitshores asked:

tbh I actually really like "Infinity". Way more than I liked "Steal My Girl" or "Night Changes". I can't even /listen/ to "Night Changes". This time I like both lead songs, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the album. Only complaint? NEEDS MORE LOUIS. :)

I’ve never been a Steal My Girl fan, although i always find myself singing along. I like Night Changes  though. I guess for some of their songs they’ve developed this sort of slow, sleepy sound. Spaces might be a good example of that.

I think most of the opinions seem mixed on this one. Some love it, some don’t.

Anonymous asked:

DID YOU SEE THIS REVIEW? FROM BILLBOARD billboard()com/articles/review/6706840/one-directions-infinity-song-review

I did! It called the lyrics ham fisted. I mean, it’s not the best 1D song and it’s not the worst, but hamfisted isn’t exactly right I think.

Anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound stupid but why are people bringing rainbows at the Boston show?

People are bringing rainbows to the Boston show, because like any other show, Rainbow Direction participants and other queer fans and allies rally around to make it a safe space for queer fans.

After the commentary in attitude magazine, negating the reason behind the rainbows, (which is creating a safe and supportive environment) and reducing it all down to being about a ship, fans are bringing even more rainbows to show what it’s actually all about.

It’s about fostering a safe, supportive environment for other LGBTQIAP fans in an environment where homophobic comments towards fans can be made via a gay mens magazine.

To sum up: For Love, support, and safety.

Anonymous asked:

I agree with you, you don't want to support it and that's fine. I on the other hand want to support the boys, the music machine have always looked the same so I'm not surprised. I personally want to buy the album to give a big f-u to Simon even if he get's money out of it I'm not going to let the boys music income suffer. We shouldn't be telling each other that 'that person' is doing wrong by buying or not buying.

Yeah, that’s the thing, I think a lot of people are in the middle too. They want to support, but they don’t want to support. Either way what you feel is right, and we shouldn’t be tearing each other down or demanding things that others might not be able to, or feel safe giving.

It’s not wrong if buying the album doesn’t make you feel strong. (and vice versa)

itsburningbrightbehind asked:

This is in re: the post to say why I'm happy! I'm happy because I am strong and beautiful inside and out. What are you happy about? :)

Strong is good! Beautiful is good! Right now I’m super happy because I started researching an old book of photos I bought and I just discovered while searching that the family lived in LA. :)

Anonymous asked:

I'm happy because I missed out on a football game to babysit my neighbors and the kid was really crabby and just sat up and said "I'm going to sleep now" (he is 3) at 6 pm and I'm like ok fine by me so now I've been listening to nice music on their couch and doing nothing and I'm getting $60 for it so yessssssss

Ahh that’s lucky! The kid probably is happy they don’t have to be awake all crabby too!

gingerandblue asked:

I'm happy coz Scott Mills just DJ'd a SMASHING party over here AND played WMYB and everyone was jamming 👍🏻 (feel free to publish I want people to share my excitement)

That sounds like so much fun! When isn’t Scott Mills awesome?

Anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm going to otra Boston tomorrow and I really want to bring a rainbow flag but my mom is really homophobic and also my ride to get there. Idk if I should bring it and feel uncomfortable or just forget about it. Have any advice?



<p>I say if it makes you feel unsafe an uncomfortable don’t do it. At the concert there will be tons of rainbows people are handing out. You might have seen the post by thisicanpromiseyou ? Also, over at. takemehomefromnarnia there are several posts detailing people bringing rainbows for others. If your mom doesn’t end up going in with you, maybe you can hook up with them. Otherwise there are other, more subtle ways. I know it’s not the same, but bringing some colorful glow stick bracelets, or you could bring some paper and draw a rainbow. That can be folded up real small. Look for the rainbows at the concert. I hope you have a great time, and stay safe!

Also any more info in where they can find a rainbow flag at the Boston concert would be great.

Hi anon, the plan to bring the flags didn’t work out but I will be printing out rainbow signs tonight to hand out at the meet up. The meet up is in the same location that they are handing out signs for Niall’s birthday so the people you are with don’t have to know about it.

That said, do what you are comfortable doing. I’m not sure what level of homophobia you’re dealing with here. I know another fan got away with bringing a rainbow flag by telling their parents that rainbow is Harry’s favorite color (and there’s plenty of proof to back that up if you want to use that excuse). Another person pointed out that you could even make a sign with a rainbow leading to a pot of gold - and say it’s for Niall. Whatever works.

There is also a fan project to turn the whole stadium rainbow so you will not be alone by any means, and if you can’t bring your own rainbows then you can participate in that project anyway (:

If you are comfortable doing so, you can message me and we can try to meet up at the show !

Anonymous asked:

There are so many people, myself included, who don't meet up with RD but benefit from them. Seeing a rainbow at my show felt so nice and comforting

I agree. I brought rainbows to mine, and it wasn’t officially part of Rainbow Direction. I felt a little shy so they didn’t get kuchen use, but I *loved* seeing other people’s rainbows. There was a giant rainbow flag, and it was so amazing. When you don’t see a lot of examples of support in your daily life, it’s amazing to come into a space where people are open and happy and making others feel safe.

Anonymous asked:

“If a rumor doesn't go away it's not a rumor”

Once is once. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. Four or more and nothing can be called coincidental anymore…it just is.

Anonymous asked:

Do you agree that sometimes liam just needs to shut the fuck up?

I mean, I wouldn’t put it so harshly, but I do think that sometimes he goes on and on about things when he really shouldn’t and he just doesn’t seem to get why it’s not perceived well. And can *some* of it be his people using his image to get certain ideas out there? Sure. But Liam has a long, long history of this. And that debacle at the show, those were his words.

The article just pushed the harmful ‘crazy female fan’ stereotype. And the idea that all fans are female, and dispensable.

When you find yourself playing the victim card while complaining about actual victims accusing you of playing the victim card… You just have to to know when to quit.