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one-d-af said: It went blank, I’m pretty sure. Interesting it’s back?

It was EPIC, then it was blank, and now it’s EPIC again.

They list Columbia and Syco as labels….? But not for One Direction.

This is super weird because in any event (whatever happens moving forward) this song was released under Syco. I wonder what’s going on. It could’ve been a glitch/error/etc prior to being taken down, but it’s back up so… ?

areyougoodwithyourhands said: which is really weird because regardless if they switch label later on the song was 100% released under Syco according to iTunes so idk why they would write that

There is no reason to list them under EPIC. That’s an AWFULLY weird glitch, given that they do list SYCO elsewhere on their website. And a glitch that’s happened TWICE. ???

  • <p> <b>Yearbook Louis:</b> I love the bus. Ride it all the time. No flights for me. The bus is siiiiiiick.</p><p></p><b>Louis:</b> Has a mini photo shoot with fans at a gas station after disembarking from.....the bus.<p></p><b>Yearbook Harry:</b> I love berets. Awesome fashion statement. All the love.<p></p><b>Harry:</b> Has a mini photo shoot with fans while wearing.....a beret.<p></p>


So she tweets something about harry, then someone (a google search says he’s a club promoter based in nyc) told her 1d are having dinner at this place? she sees andy, then louis, then lottie, then liam. an hour later she implies that she’s sitting with louis and we get bombarded with the pictures. she goes home? and start freaking out then. she let it slip that the photoshoot is louis’ idea lmfao. and then posts a video and goes to bed? this wasn’t planned.

the funnies thing is? she leaked FOUR :)


Isn’t it a funny coincidence that every suggestion that the band is breaking up and/or that Harry Styles is going solo can be traced back to two sources? 

1) People who have no real knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes (e.g Lance Bass).

2) People closely connected to Simon Cowell and Syco (e.g. Louis Walsh, Julian Brunetta, Dan Wootton). 

WHAT. A. FUNNY. COINCIDENCE. There are just so many of those with this band…


i don’t know what exactly that means but i know that he knows about AIMH and i know that he knows we would be expecting a response

and the first thing he gives us is rainbows. OKAY!

Anonymous asked:

Well look at Louis wearing that shirt when Elounor pics get released. Haha, same. Didn't he wear that shirt when she was around back in August, too?


Lol, you’re right. 

August 4th (arriving the hotel with her and leaving ten minutes later)


August 4th on stage


Today we got this


And he shows up in it again


Please Louis, do continue this little trend.

Anonymous asked:

what do you think about the photo of eleanor and louis?



Thant I can’t wait for the announcement tomorrow!!
What do you think it could be?
A snippet of the new song?
A leaked song?
Come on friends, we’re in Vegas, bet on it! The winner will win a selfie with Louis because he’ll smile with you.


So Brody Jenner is at iheartradio. And Louis family was just instagramming about the Jenners. and we all know Azoff’s wife is best friends with Kris Jenner…